Thursday, January 13, 2005


I apologize for being incog-negro, but I've had a rough couple of days. Unlike some other bloggers, I prefer to share my more festive times with my readers than the times when I'm struggling. Not to say that I'm struggling, but I've definitely had to keep the ship steady.

Quote of the week: "Hey, Tierra....I didn't know you went to church! Imma sit over there with you. I want to get hooked up with the Lord!"

New phrase: Phat Sophisticated Rascal. Noun. An upscale, woman of means who has the body of a woman raised on biscuits, whole milk, and collard greens. (Not together, of course, and DON'T forget about the madaroni and cheese.)

Ok...where did I get the PSR term from? Well, I live in the most affluent area of the country for Blacks, Prince Georges County. One measure of affluence is the number of Border's Books and Cafes in an area. In PG County, there are about 5. Anyway, I was sitting in the cafe sipping coffee (something else I will get back to later) and this sista walks in. Hmmm....I need a good analogy for this.....remember in The Flintstones when Cary Grantrock would walk and there was a slick little theme music in unison with his feet? Well, with this this sista there was this little rhythm going on in my head with a high-hat solo mixed with a Rakim sample. Whoa. And she was dressed impeccably with the nails manicured, wrinkless black top and bottom, subtle make-up, and the hairstyle was basic yet stylish. Needless to say I was impressed. And luckily, I had napkins at the table to catch the drool.

Now, back to the cafe. I've been living in that area for about 2 months now and it is soooooo different from B-more. The mannerism are so different; a lot of frontin' (we've covered this word already) name-dropping. In B-more, you can front all you want, but if we go to the same barbershop and dentist, you aint really claimin' shit. I seem to be acclimating well though; because instead of hanging at the barbershop or the strip club, my new favorite spot is the coffee cafe. In Black Baltimore, you hang out at the cafe, you are suspect. According to the sub-culture, the only ones that hangout at the cafe are gays and dorks. But I've come to notice the HUGE upside of hanging at the cafe.....potential clients and PSR's. I almost landed a client a few months ago just because I was there and doing my homework. Like they say, queer is folk, right?

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