Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Apology to the Fans

I know I don't have any true "fans", but I do realize there are about 3 of you out there who read this blog religiously. To you 3, I apologize for my lack of blogging. My employer has been earning their minimum wage from me and school is about to start as well. So from here until early May, my blog entries will probably only be once a week as opposed to 2 to 3 times a week. The good thing is that I now consider myself a seasoned blogger so when there is time to blog I know how to do so more efficiently.

So bare with me people. I have archives you can always check out and you should check out these bloggers in particular: KC, WebmasterMama, the prolific Zulu,and the chic with the long ass blog name that I can't pronounce. She naaaaasty. LOL

I'll have a story for you kats in a little while. Peace.

Brother Kojak


Zulu said...

Thanks for the reference. :) I may be unable to perform with all this potential newbie visit anxiety. LOL

Look forward to the blogs when they do come.

chaparritadeoro said...

Zulu, you're lucky. At least your link worked. Some of us just aren't so lucky. Damn, I can't get no respect!

Brother Kojak said...

LOL! If you didnt have such a long ass Matapechu-Aztec-Mayan-Mexican blog name, I would have had the thing str8!

I apologize, ma'am. I think "" is free.

hehehe...just kidding. I apologize.

chaparritadeoro said...