Thursday, January 27, 2005

It Must Be True......

.....I must be gay. The simple fact that people don't see me walking around holding my dizzack and calling women bitches and talking like I open a book every now and then make me queer. Hmmmm....also that I have long hair that when it is touched up is shiny because of the grade of of my hair. Yeah, I guess that's it. I guess I'll go down to the Blue Oyster for happy hour now that I've been told what the deal is.

yeah right. People in this county can be so retarded.

That's my rant for the week and since I haven't blogged or had anything really good to blog about I'll give you my week thus far in review.

Mon: Before I get to my personal stuff, this was in the news Monday. Seems like the assistant super-intendant of the PG County school system wanted to supplement her income. Now, here we are in the trenches dealing with low pay, antiquated equipment and low appreciation and she comes in and sets such a shining example as a black woman in an executive position in the richest county of Black people in America. Even more trifling? This 103K/year, 2 home-having bitch was released from jail later that day by her court-appointed lawyer. WTF type shit is that?!?! All that loot, all that traficking, and you can't get a lawyer? You humiliate the entire School Board and its employees and WE have to pay for YOUR lawyer??? Wait 'til I find out where this bitch lives.
Now back to me. I was mad depressed that day. Serious financial issues and no immediate solution for that problem. No one could make me feel better except for the least likely person; my Offspring. He came to me and said "Daddy, you having a bad day?" I replied yes and noticed how he took the remainder of the evening to gently distance himself from me until he could wait no longer to say "Uh...I'm hungry."
"O.k. What do you want to eat?"
"Ummm..I can make some cereal."
"No, you need to eat some food. Let's go see what you got."
We went downstairs and found the only unfrozen items in the kitchen, pancakes. With my assisted supervision, I taught him how to mix the batter, pour it in the hot pan, and flip the pancakes. So, he cooked himself some pancakes. As basic as it sounds, it was one of our more endearing moments. It's one of those times where you are thankful for bringing that child into the world. Not only because the child can experience life and the world, but the fact that maybe, just maybe....he/she will love you back.

Tues: I took the Gregorc Personality Test for work and concluded that I was a Concrete Random Personality. One who is imaginative, creative, laid back and disorganized. Of the 4 groups, each group had to come up with a slogan and theme song. Our group decided to sing our song. Guess who was nominated to sing it? RIIIIIGHT. It turned out to be a rendition of Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way". Ours was "So Do It My Way". Man, I'm in the wrong profession!

Wed.: 1st day of class. Of course, I get there late and when its time for break, I get back from the break late too! I'm fucking up, man.....fucking up.....

Thurs: Dangerously quiet today. I'm being reassigned to another school so I may go over there for a visit. I definitely have to swing over there tomorrow. Update: They were looking for me to be over there today TOO. Ohhhh! how about you TELL a brotha these things and I will gladly accomodate. dayum!

Sat: Wine tasting event. I want to go, but of course, no date. Well, I could get a date but there are catches for each date. I could call AreYouGay, but why bother? I'm gay right? I could call Wisdom, but if I were lucky enough, she is all about missionary and missionary only. What fun is there in that? I could call AfroPuffs, but she is a NOTORIOUS underdresser. I'd be so afraid to go in there and she had on her bell-bottoms and shoes that are supposed to be tied but never are. Naw man....I don't think so. Not to a wine tasting junks. We can get a ma fucken beer, but uh...yeah. And I damn sure ain't going solo, so.....I guess I ain't going.
By Saturday I should have some updates. If not, leave me the hell alone. Grrrrr.


~KC~ said...

Sounds like SUCH a fun week! You are sooo lucky! haha..ok, maybe not. But the pancake story was awesome. How could you not be warmed by it?? NOTHING better than an afternoon wine tasting..go alone!! Hopefully your week gets better.. Oh yeah...are you gay? *laugh* Yes, intelligence, class, and consideration DEFINATELY must mean you are gay...( what the hell was she complaining about?? That is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find now adays...guess would be it is her loss!!!!)

Brother Kojak said...

Awww! That's sweet KC. thanks. But everyone meausres masculinity differently. I consider myself a NASCAR in masculinity: brawny, sleek, and somewhat attract. I guess she was looking for the monster truck.

~KC~ said...

Haha..yes, unfortunately most of us women look for the Monster Truck now and then...*smile*

Anonymous said...

Right. But do you think you'll find one at an upscale neo-soul lounge in downtown DC? Hell naw!