Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Juste Lounge

I was feeling all down and what not yesterday, but one of my fellow county workers treated me to lunch. That was cool. I came home and saw a friend of the family I haven't seen in years. That was great. Then I went out to happy hour with my boy Besmirched. First, I didn't know exactly where the place was so I ended up parking about 6 blocks away. Then, I found out that there is a cover charge. It was only $5, but I was cash poor so I had to hit the ATM. Ok, I get there pay fat boy the loot and he gives me 2 tickets. I say "what's this?" he says "these are for your 2 free drinks before 7"

awwwwwwwwwww shit!

HOWEVER, I stood at/near/perpendicular to the bar for 20 MINS; no drink. There was one bartender and he was swamped. I finally got my drink and like a fag I ordered 2 raspberry martinis. I didn't realize until I sat down "hmmm....I'm drinking these red drinks outta martini glasses alone. Damn, I'm gay." So I tossed down the 1st one and let the other kinda sit there as if it were someone else's. My boy Besmirched gets there and we catch up. He apparently broke up with his girl of a year plus. I was blown because they seemed so good for each other and happy. He, as usual showed no signs of being broke up about it.
So we chillin' and I see kats walking in with instruments. Cool. Then I noticed that 2 of the band members are from a local group that I LOVE called Fertile Ground. I was siced then. So they set up and started playing as the back-up band for a new local artist called J Soul. Not bad. I was feeling him, but it may have been the al-da-hol or the fact that my neighbors weren't feeling him.
My neighbors were these 3 sistas who walked in. One was aight (good aight), the second was cute with a serious onion, and the 3rd was a good balance. They scoped the room, then proceeded to the bar. After a while, they decided to sit near me and besmirched. YouRemindMeOf (good balance) sat next to me. Hmmmm....

Had a great time with them. GOodAight said she wanted to be a nurse and when I told her that I would tutor her in math and not help her "get by", she says "don't worry about it. dont call me if you get sick. I'll just say 'hope you don't die. Good luck!' and then **clickup!**" too funny.

Oh, but it gets better. YouRemindMeOf's curiousity got the best of her. (Or it was again, the alk-da-hol) and began asking me questions about my sexuality. Apparently I was a little suspect with the way I pulled my hair outta my eyes, a particular hand gesture, and probably the raspberry martini. She told me she was like "Hmmm...he doesn't seem like true TRUE gay man. He must be on the down-low." I should have been pissed or offended, but thats what I get for trying to look cool. I was so cool she almost canceled my check due to suspicion.

As a footnote, if you are above drinking age DC is one of the best places in the country to hang out. There seems to be a spot for all types. This particular place was somewhat upscale, prodominantly black professional lounge. No true tables or chairs. Couches, living room chairs, and coffee tables. For you out-of-towners who are curious about the type of people who work in downtown Chocolate City, this is the place.

As a matter of fact, here are my recommendations for hanging out in DC

Cafe Nema (approx. 14th and U St) - I dont care what anybody says, this is my spot! Very diverse crowd, sketchy service with a smile, 3 page menu, and a proximity to the next table that forces you to quickly become friends. How can you beat that? Also, their rotation is HEAVY on the acid jazz. What better music to lounge to?

Juste Lounge (7th and Mt Vernon)- that was the spot I went to last night. Nice.

Bar Nun (13th and U St)- poetry slams, casual dress code, and brothas hitting on your girl. Good place for boxing practice if you got a bad temper. But they also rock 2 floors with 2 different genres of music.

The Ascot (I forgot...somewhere off of Penn. Ave)- If you like go-go music, here is the perfect place and drinks are CHEAP. I don't.

More to follow. My ass is sleepy for some reason. Peace


Elisa said...

I was feeling your post about Juste Lounge. I had a bad experience there the last time I went, but maybe I'll give it one more chance... :)

Anonymous said...

i wasnt really looking to find you or anything....i was just checking for reviews on Juste lounge and here you go....hilarious!!! but most importantly, you freelance use of fag is such an african thing to almost cracked my sides in should meet one of my brothers or evne better my father.