Monday, January 31, 2005

Abandoned Blogs

I am very happy that I am starting to get some traffic to this site. I'm swelled with pride that people are starting to come to this site just to read me "talking shit". However, I am mad salty at the following bloggers: Blondie, LL, and CaramelCutie. You ladies are making ME look bad because I have you linked on my damn page! Since none of you even come to this site, I can really talk shit about you. Blondie, I TOLD YO ass you wouldn't be a good blogger. Your focus is on so many other things. I was surprised that you didn't get take some of those erotic stories and put it in your blog entry. Real easy. started off SOOOO strong too! Good stuff. Now you don't blog, read blogs or even write in your journal because its "too much work". If you weren't so busy being a damn pimptress, you MIGHT get something done damnit!
Finally, LL. Girl you is trife. Here go the email she sent me (paraphrased) "That is so cool that you do that! I think I'm going to start one too!" One month and one entry later, not a damn thing new. As a matter of fact, where the hell are you anyway?

So I'm deleting your links. Nothing personal, but why cue people to pages or that are sitting in the Internet graveyard. You 3 are wonderful women, but you're shitty bloggers. Blondie, stick to the stories. CaramelCutie, go to your state office and register your business. Not sure if pimpin' menz is legal in South Carolina, but don't let the tax man take your money. LL, don't even bother. Just send me a message via carrier pigeon or something.

Alright, I'm done.



Blonde Ambition said...

Damn.....and here I am trying to get to work on another entry...jeez....I AM a bit busy ya know.....teacher....2 turning into an adolescent asshole lol...a very active 5 yr old daughter... a'd think it would be too busy to be putting an erotic story on there....but tell ya what...I will go ahead and go on over and post one I ahve already written how about that?.....feel better now?

~KC~ said...

I feel an urgency to blog now. I so dont want to be banished to the depths of blog hell by you!!

chaparritadeoro said...

Dayum...I guess I better get on the stick too before I get called out!

WebmasterMama said...

Someone's on their high horse.... Not that I get the whole "don't have time to blog" thing since I think my longest post (time consuming) took all of about 5-6 minutes. And I'm horribly busy (full time job, 3 yr old, pregnant, dead tired constantly, husband, huge house to keep clean all by myself, cook by myself, shovel driveway a little while pregnant, drive 45 mins to work and then back home everyday, take girl to gym class and ballet class, dance salsa at home since I can't get out, etc.). So if I can do it, anyone can.