Tuesday, March 28, 2006

TTTT: My Boss Ain't Shit!

Work is hell. Who wants to do it? None of us really and it would make life so much easier if the boss got with the program. So what is the most trifling thing that your boss (or a boss at some point in time)has done to you? If you sought out revenge, what did you do?



Anonymous said...

My boss holds grudges, accuses employees of sleeping their way up the ladder, alters the schedule to piss off other employees who she isn't pleased with, bends the rules for her faorite of the moment, and orders her staff to work unpaid overtime hours. No revenge yet, but I'm sure kharma will take good care of her.

Anonymous said...

My old boss was a meglomaniacal, pinheaded asshat as well as the most arrogant prick ever to tread these trodden trails.

Anyway, I'm a Jeep guy and one day was talking to a coworker about the joys of Jeep ownership (he drove an XTerra, so he was picking up what I was putting down). My fuckwitted boss wanders over and says "Yeah, but when people see ME they think success. When they see YOU they think [makes dismissive gesture with hand]"

The dude drove an Audi All Road, dig? A glorified station wagon. What a fuck.

So I teabagged his coffee mug. AND his keyboard. AND his mouse.


Anonymous said...

I had a boss who was a prick since birth. He was one of those Silver Spooners and even with that, got in on the good side of the Internet boom. Dude SWAM in money. He was also substantially younger than me.

I have a real little one, and you know those fuckers are always sick. You what that son of a bitch asked me? "Is your son sickly or chronically ill? Seems like you are missing a lot of time from him being sick."

At that point I decided I was gonna fuck his girlfriend and take pics. I almost was there but he ended up firing my ass. Fucker.

Anonymous said...

My boss is one of those macho, I'm always right and there is no other way sort of men. After working with me for almost 3 years he was still saying my last name wrong. His daughter was one of my students at that point in time so I mentioned it to her knowing full well she would say something...she did...he stopped. Another time I was in the school office getting my mail and he walked in and he actually TAPPED me on the head with his pen.....I was steaming!

Anonymous said...

My boss is a king of all pricks and he thinks he is gods gift to woman...but if you can imagaine a black Shrek that is what he looks like.
Well, like I said he still thinks he is so good looking, but one time he was telling us about him going to Mexico to the red light district to pick up woman and I asked him if you are such a god why do you have to pay to get some pussy...that shut him up.
Not to mention, he had a rude awakening when during one of his experiences he picked up a dude. LOL!!! I love that story.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Thanks BK for giving me the anonymous status to post since I missed TTTT!

So, this isn't about my boss, she's just a cunt silver-spooner. I just tend to ignore her most of the time. My revenge for her being a cunt is that she gets to send her own faxes and make her own appointments :)

Now, my story... my ex had a boss that was a super pencil-neck geek, balding, asshole, prick, white, skinny fuck. One day as he was picking on the ex, as was his usual fare, the ex says to him "I bet you got beat up a lot as a kid, huh?" I thought it was funny. The ex got transfered to another department the next week... LOL!