Friday, March 17, 2006

Top O' The Mornin' Laddies

Its St. Patrick's day; a day that has been meaningless to me since birth.

Until this year. This is the first time I've made a conscious effort to celebrate the "holiday". Here are the steps I've taken:
1.) Attempting to get a shamrock tee shirt from Target
2.) downloading some Irish music to listen to throughout the course of the day
3.) drinking green beer for the 1st time ever. EVER.

Here the steps that were thwarted:
1.) All of the shirts were sold out and the best match was a Mickey's shirt, and that was 3 sizes to small. I did manage to pull out my ratty green Mecca shirt. It works in the pinch.
2.) found some Irish music, but I damn sure wasn't going to spend my workday listening to the O'Leary Boys or the Black Irish. I was thinking more of like the House of Pain, U2, or the Dropkick Murphys.
3.) There is still an opportunity to do this. Not sure where or how since I have Daddy Duty tonight, but we shall see.

The only thing missing would be some Irish poon-poon. I know one Irish-German chic...(I think she counts) but my chances with her are slim. Ahhh! There is a hot number that we all know by the name of Blonde who is Irish.....looks like I will be making a phone call TO-night! Gotta get my St Patty's Day one way or another, right?

Some Shamrock po-nanny would be nice, but I will tell you all a story about my best St. Patty's Day memory. It was about 6 years ago and a bunch of us computer geeks from work decided to go to the Bahamas. The day before St. Patty's, we booked the trip. To celebrate the next day, HotRod (one of the nerds) invited a bunch of folks over his house for drinks. That was the first time I got a (damn, I forgot the term. Its when you lay down and someone pours liquor in your mouth until you make them stop) _____. You talk about fucked up?? Whew! Took me hours to recouperate. The best part was watching the girls do it. The ones that didnt do it well (very few) got it all over the front of their tops...hhehehe...yeah. **smile**

I'm glad you all are enjoying my continued demise. All I was doing was trying get a little some-some on the side. I guess that what I get, huh? Geez, the Pimp Juice done gone sour.


Blonde Ambition said...

ok.....I did the green beer thing in college, it's not worth it...believe me! lmao Picturing you in the 3 sizes too small shirt....lmao!!!! Thanks Kojak I needed that today :D

Blonde said...

Yes, I am 100% Irish and my poon is magically delicious like lucky charms ;).

You never called me.....

Brother Kojak said...

BA: it was ugly. Very ugly.

Blonde: You know, I think I mentioned on here that Lucky Charms is one of my favorite cereals? Wow! What a damn coincidence, huh? How 'bout that??

I didnt call you luv because I was too busy dancing to House of Pain and Dexey's Midnight Runners in my cube.

LaMamita said...

You shoulda asked me....You could have downloaded some Salsa Celtica - an Irish salsa band that used to be around. :)

Anonymous said...

"Come On, Eileen"....I won't even go there...(Dexy's Midnight Runners most popular song for those that weren't dancing to it in their cubicle)