Monday, March 27, 2006

DID YA SEE THAT?!?!?! (Part II)


The George Mason Patriots did it AGAIN!!! TWICE!!!!

Un-fucken real! George Mason, one of the schools that Billy Packer and Jim Nance bitched about like 2 house hens are now in the Final Four. Friday night they beat a would-be vegenance driven Wichita State (Mason beat them at home early in the season) in a game where Mason never lost the lead. That was surprising. But for the Patriots to beat the almight University of Conneticutt, a team that recruits internationally, is just unfathomable. On the radio this morning they are talking about this game being the greatest David vs Goliath of all time. U Conn is a bigger team and yet
Mason out rebounded them. U Conn held Mason to 3 points off of the bench, yet Mason's starters all scored in double figures. Phenomenal.

I'm not one of those "you can do anything you want...follow your dreams". Yet on this weekend, George Mason goes to the Final Four and my cousin premiered her 1st movie (check out my other entry).
Maybe the "you can do anything you want...follow your dreams" way of thinking is garbage, but it speaks volume of what you can do if your best effort is put forward. The heart can be a mighty hunter.

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