Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TTTT: Stuck on Gay

I had no TTTT topic for today UNTIL this morning when I finished my workout. I was heading to the showers and I can really get a towel around me snuggly so I usually don't bother. So why come I noticed that dude was looking at my ass from the corner of my eye? Why is that? It wasnt a gay stare, but he was damn sure stuck on gay for peepin my crack.

So for TTTT today, complete this sentence: "I was stuck on gay when....."



Anonymous said...

Anytime I see a really nice set of tits or just great cleavage! If I was gonna be a lesbian I would for SURE be a boob girl! LOL!

She can't be some skinny bitch though! And, preferably she is Latina! LOL! Just like you BK!


Brother Kojak said...

Uh....These are supposed to be anonymous postings. I DAMN sure know who (LOL) posted that (LOL) one (LOL).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first comment. I'm stuck on gay whenever I see great tits as well. Or a really nice ass. And if she has curves....mos def!!! Its been awhile and I could go for being with a woman again.