Sunday, March 19, 2006



For those of you sleepin' on the Cindafellas:

Yes!! The green and gold got their man all weekend long. First with the so-called upset over Michigan State, then with the for real for real upset over the Baby Blue Boys Of North Carolina. Mason got off to a crappy start with a 16 to 2 deficit in the first half led by Jai Lewis and Folarin Campbell. After the 2nd half, the two teams exchanged the lead half a dozen times only to have the Patriots pull head for the win.
This is the 1st time GMU has ever gone to the Sweet 16 and only the 2nd time a team from their conference has gone that far.

A little history about me and GMU....I went there for 7 years for my engineering degree only to flunk out with 40 credits left. Ain't that a bitch? how stupid is that? Anyway, when I went there, the team sucked ass. Mason's rival school is James Madison U, who used to kick our asses all the time. Here's how sucky the Mason was back then; they used to play all these exhibition games against bs teams like Mobile One Oil because they sucked so bad. One of those teams was this Russian team. They came to VA sick as dogs; the whole team caught the flu on the way over there and they could only suit 4 kats. They still played the game, and beat Mason. Yes, 7 brothas, 3 white boys, and a David Justice couldn't beat 4 non-American white boys. Trife.

That was a long time ago; and today, that memory makes today's memory that much sweeter. To borrow a phrase from my illegitimate dad, Telly Savalas, "You've come a long way baby."


Reese The Law Girl said...

Booo, GMU! BOOOO!!!

The only law school I didn't get into (and I got into G-town and GW!). None of my friends who are black and who applied to GMU got in. Then we all found out from a former GMU professor that GMU Law is not on friendly terms with students who are...ahem...of color.

So, again I say, BOOOO!!! to GMU.

Go Witchita State! Don't let "the man" win!!! ;)

Bowman said...

Funny, I went to High School with Jai Lewis so it's even better to see people you know who are on an under-rated team beat D-1 schools. I would like to see Gonzaga take it all!