Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Salty Dog

It has now been a week for being cell phoneless. That means all of the potential opportunities to creep on the wife that were hopeless in the 1st place REALLY don't mean shit now because I can't call anybody. This looks like another SPring with Rosie Palmer. She's an old girl, but she's reliable and always there when you raise your hand for her.

Alright enough of that shit. But I am phoneless and that will be for another 4 or 5 days looks like. Also, I didnt even make the cut for Baltimore's Mosh Pit; the place where students compete for venture capital seed money. Its one thing not to win, but to not even make the cut? Man I was blown. I can't to see the ideas that made it because mine was pretty damn good. Last year's winner had the idea to have digital map kiosks all over the city for tourists to use to get around. Gimmie a fucken break.

The good news is days like this are great fodder for working out. I will be on the weight bench thinking about the narrow-ass bitch man who sent me the bulk email saying "Even though you didn't make the cut, don't give up on your dreams..." How about this, how about I catch you in the alley and don't give up on whoppin' yo ass? how bout THAT!??

The weather is getting nicer and the HON-NEYS be out, SON! There is this one girl who I saw yesterday; no coat on and it was cold and windy.

ME:Girl, where is your coat?
HER:It's right here **nodding towards arm**
ME:And uh....WHY is it not on you?
HER:**giggling** It's nice out here! **walking opposite direction**
ME:Mmmm Hmm!

Then I got to check her out. You know, the wintertime be hiding stuff. We just exchanged names recently, and I don't know where she is from. Wherever she's from, SOME brotha snuck up in the gene pool because she had a str8-up apple dumplin'. "Whoa" was my response. And this year I have a digital cam?? WHAT???? Life is about to get TRIFE!

Ok. I'm going to go drown my sorrow with my man, Jack. He is one of the Daniels boys. He got a cousin name Evan who is mad cool too. He may join the party at some point in time.
I'll let y'all know how the hangover goes. I'm out.


Reese The Law Girl said...

Ahhh, drinking away your sorrows. That's the only effective therapy in my opinion. ;)

Have fun!

Brother Kojak said...

Actually I changed my mind on that, Reese. I repressed it, and took it out on some weights. Grrrrr!

Blonde said...

I am loving this weather. I like walking around with little clothing on ;).

Why are you without a phone for so long??? They are so cheap, just go get another one.

Brother Kojak said...

Yes, the weather is awesome over here on the East Coast and I've been all about it too. Every time there was a call for an order outside of our building, I was on it.

If I had gotten a deal to get another phone, I would have had to cancel my contract which would have cost me a 2 month penalty.