Monday, September 12, 2005

Catch Phrase

Ever had a professor that had a catch phrase? Let me make sure I'm explaining this right. When we as people speak, most of us insert a sound or a word to help link sentence. The most popular is "uh". (And damn is THAT annoying!) Some people speak in thoughts per say and need entire sentences (usually questions) to tie sentences. Some of my Philly peeps would say "n'Yamean-man?". Boricua Smurf would say "ju know wha'...?". I once had a professor, my favorite of all times, Dr. Wang who would say in a think Chinese accent "Makes sense to you?" but sounded more like "Make cent to you?" It was great! Through the boredom of learning Oracle programming, that was closest to comic relief. Well, except for when I accidently walked into the woman's bathroom on that same floor; but that's a different story.
The new catch phrase is from my TCP/IP professor who says in his Middle Eastern accent "Do you agree with me here?" when in actuality on the first day of class, this one kat DID NOT agree with him.
Professor: When a packet is delivered, what remains constant and what remains the same?
Dude: The IP address changes.
Professor: No, the IP address stays the same! It is the MAC address that changes between routers.
Dude: That's not possible. The MAC address is on the computer. The IP address can always change.
Professor: It could but it does not. The packet must move through the network so the MAC address changes between routers and IP address does not change, do you agree with me here?
Dude: no I don't!

That was some funny shit, man. Do you agree with me, here?

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