Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today I.....

Today I...
Brother Kojak
Today I laughed...
at the ridiculousness of posturing.
why posture when you are posturing for things that matter
only in the minds of a few?
why posture over a dream that is not yours but a dream of many?
Today I faltered...
as I've grow older
indecision becomes less acceptable
ironically enough
I accept it even less from others.
Today I cried...
as I realized where I've come from
what I've been through
and where I am.
I've been blessed and I'm happy to say so
Today I reflected...
with the opinion of my friend
who in her own way is an insider looking out
at a world that is mine but will never be hers
Today I anguished...
over the youth who I've been there for
and who've been there for me.
their pictures have planted a burning image in my soul
their youthful faces
their laughter
their ravenous appetites for everything!
all masking the chaos of their daily worlds
temporarily shielded by the services
and the environment I helped provide.
I miss you guys.
and yet tomorrow
I will be...again.


Neckbone said...

Great writing, K

Brother Kojak said...

Thank you sir!

r. said...

so as I'm driving into campus last night I see this built brutha with long ass nice dreads walking to class... i, of course, roll down the window and yell KOJAK... dude gives me the most effed up look possible... guess it wasn't you...

Blonde Ambition said...

wow.........impressive :)

Brother Kojak said...

Hey r.

Are you sure you were on the right campus? Gotta be embarrassing

boo said...

I'm stunned... that was way cool... i love finding lil gems like you Mr Kojak!...

Brother Kojak said...


Thanks boo.