Wednesday, September 07, 2005


What are you an advocate of? The homeless? Animal Rights? The re-release of Beavis and Butthead? And even more interesting than that, what do you think I advocate?

I can tell you what I definitely don't advocate: the handicapped. Why? Because they get all the good shit; nice parking spaces, the big ass toilet stall. They need that stuff because society can be very negligent of people who are not among the "normal". However, sometimes they take it a little too far. Like the story I heard over the radio about the guy trying to take a dump in the handicap stall and was harrassed by a guy outside of the stall in a wheelchair EVEN THOUGH there was another handicap stall available. Or like today when I was on the phone and walking out of the building. This disabled woman (she used the crutches with the arm slots) was sitting just outside the doors smoking a cigarette. I opened the doors and walked out. After taking about 2 steps I hear her yell "hey!" I turned around and she says "That was my crutch you knocked over." Apparently the crutch was keeping the door open so she wouldnt be locked out and I tipped it over inside the building. "Oops. I'll go get that for you." So I walk back thru the building and get her crutch. Ok, here's my thing; you are already handicapped so why are your gonna do something that's gonna fuck your body up even more? And how the fuck was I supposed to know that you cropped the door open with your crutch? She wasn't pissed or anything but she was still like "can't you see I'm trying to get my smoke on?" It was crazy. I should have said "oh yeah? Will gimmie that other damn crutch!" And through that shit in the street.

heheehhe...that's fucked up. I can see her now yelling at me now "That's aight, that's aight. I can't get you, but SOMEBODY will! You black long-haired bastard!"

Oh MAN! Wheew! Ok, I'm going to the store to get my gasoline-line draws for my express trip to Hell. See y'all later.


chaparritadeoro said... :P

Bowman said...

At times the handicap acts as if the whole world is owed to them! I loved the stories!!!!

Brother Kojak said...

Don't laugh too much, Bowman. Last I heard your ass was looking for a handicapped sticker.
**blog it, you know what I'm talking about**