Thursday, March 24, 2005

KeyLo-Lo Updates

I've gotten a couple of complaints on the lack of KeyLo-Lo Outfit Updates. Please see the comments from "Ghetto Language Thesis"for Wednesday's outfit. Tuesday, the outfit was springtime giddy. A pink blouse, low-cut, a long khaki yet tight around the onion skirt, high heel sandals. And of course, it wouldn't be KeyLo-Lo if there wasn't some off-th-hookness in there. The coup de grace....a tiny tiny jean jacket for uh....subtlety. I even asked her "Hey...when you giving your daughter back her jean jacket?" She sucked her teeth and said "Naw, she be borrow stuff from me! I don't know what the hell YOU talking about!" That's my girl!

As far as today? They saw that my complexion was reminiscent of Toby so they worked my black ass. We hauled computers and monitors up the stairs. The teachers had an inservice today and the principal treated them all to some Popeye's chicken. I wasnt really feeling the chicken but one of the teachers (I'll call him Dubious Smurf....he's a straight cynic) made me feel bad.
DB: Hey man, you gonna join us in the cafeteria?
me: naw, man. I wasn't in the inservice so I'll just go get my own lunch.
DB: Oh its like that huh? WEll fuck ya then. Act like you too good to eat with the rest of us folks.
Me: Man, go 'head with that.

So on the way out, the door, I did a u-turn and went to the cafeteria and joined the crew. I'm a heavy hitter when it comes to food so I got 2 pieces of chicken and a little bit of beans and rice (in which someone had eaten most of the rice out of. Reminded me of e-wife. one of her annoying little habits.) , and sat down. I have habit of going back for seconds instead of loading my plate down. When I looked to get another piece, the chicken was gone and guess who ate the last piece? Yeah, Dubious Smurf himself. Here he was ASKING me to join the crew and HE ate the last piece even though he had already had about 3 or 4 already. Greedy bastard. So I got my sorry ass up and strolled over to Burger Sling. Kangaroo meant is good this time of year.

KeyLo-Lo Outfit of the Day: None. No, she didnt come to work assed out naked, she didnt have to come in today. But she did have her daughter come pick up her check.


Zulu said...

Pictures! I'd love to see pictures of these outfits. Can you swing it?

r. said...

damn Bruh man, where the hell are my updates... actin' like you busy an' shit...