Monday, March 07, 2005

"...just do the damn chicken."

Alright! Did everyone have a great weekend? Good cause mine was a bit to be desired. We won't get into that here.

I DID watch Dateline about Pastor Benny. I'm sorry, but to me that is straight comedy! If you saw those poor people falling out after receiving the "laying of the hands". One man was all about the histrionics; he got the holy ghost and jumped back like the Matrix. Man, I was too thru. And I can laugh because my grandmother used to always get into those television evangelists. She was smart about it though; she'd watch and would RARELY send money, but she would make SURE that Reverend Ike would give her the lucky blessed numbers for the lottery.

Hmm.....TG. How you doing today girl? So you look like Marlo Thomas huh? Then you must be a PHYNE ASS white girl! Hehehhehe. I don't have much luck with white women....well, except for that time with me and Jennifer Anniston. But we won't talk about that....

So...what does "just do the damn chicken" mean? Well, my co-worker and I were having a discussion about people wanting to run the show even though they only have one or 2 assignments. There is a security guard here who ALWAYS has something to say about how somebody else ain't doing there job. I was sharing a story about that with one of my co-workers (I forgot the nickname I gave him) and he told me a story:
"Man, that sounds like this chic I used to work with. She worked in the cafeteria and overheard some other teachers talking about some shit I had done. She pulled me up about it talkin' 'bout 'Oh...I heard you was doing so-and-so. What's that all about? Ain't you supposed to be working with that woman or something?'
Man, I looked up at her and said 'Bitch, just do the goddam chicken and shut the fuck up' and walked out. I made SURE I had my food though first, bro 'cause I didn't want her fucking with my shit.'

Ever since I've adopted that phrase. I'm a little tamer with it though. When I was studying this weekend, my study partner was commenting on something and I told her 'Just do the damn chicken and mind you'ren.' It's actually good advice to apply to yourself. When you see someone fucken up at work and you want to say something to someone just tell yourself 'Self, just do the damn chicken.'

KeyLo-Lo oufit of the day: George Bush Conservative. Well, for her ass it is. Long sleeve pink stripped shirt, snug (not tight) pink slacks. Sound str8? I ain't finished...Black tanga. Le Wow.

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That Girl said...

Why yes, yes I am! I think I look better than Marlo Thomas though...but I had to find a pic for the came first. You know, That Girl who...(finish sentence - mind out of the gutter!)