Friday, March 11, 2005


I see that I've lost my popularity. My hits have fallen off like whoa. I guess I need to write more thesises. (How the hell do you spell the plural of "thesis"?) Also because I've been so busy lately as well. Its school and work. Nothing else. Well, nothing that I'm going to share with most of you. **smile** I can tell you one thing. There IS one thing we can talk about. The farce of spring break. Man, I've only have one really good spring break, and my ass wasn't even in school. Me and some co-workers decided to go to the Bahamas for a long weekend. Man, we had a blast! No one got laid though. THat was odd. We were down there with the U of TN and those chics were bananas.

OH SHIT!! I just found out that my pay is f^*&ing PRORATED for 0ver 12 months because I'm a 10 month employee. You know what means? I'm still broke! Hatin' life man.....


KeyLo-Lo Outfit of the Day: capri jeans, loose on the legs, tight everywhere else. White low-cut blouse white a pink jacket. Oh.....PINK, stilletto boots. pink SUEDE, stilletto boots.

Note: I met who presume was her oldest daughter. Odd, daughter was slightly on the homely side considering her lavishly, stripper-pole dressed mother.


chaparritadeoro said...

You haven't lost your popularity with me! I've been away for a while, but I'm still keeping up with you.

~KC~ said...

Boo! I would have commented sooner but have been so terribly busy and sick! I promise to keep visiting and commenting when your comment pool looks a little sad and low...hehee.

Brother Kojak said...

thanks Chapar...churizo. and KC, that is mad pathetic!

but I'll take it. hehehhe

chaparritadeoro said...

churizo! Where in my name do you see churizo?? You hungry or something? Or maybe you need tutoring in Spanish ;-) Either way let me know.