Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blogging Moments of the Week

Tues 2/28 We have a new co-worker in town. I can't seem to come up with a name for her because I want to be descriptive, yet I want to be accurate. How do I do this...let's see....ok, Let's say you mixed Lil' Kim with her look and ghetto-fab persona, Alicia Keys with her voice, braids, and glasses, and added about 4 more inches in height. THAT, is the new chic. Today's outfit is black tight pants and a form-fitting shirt. Let's give her a name after one of my favorite Martin characters; KeyLo-Lo

Wed. 3/1 I saw a colleague in the hallway. Now, let me give you a little background info. Everyone here is pretty much new, however, all of them started thru orientation at the same time. I wasn't part of that crew so I'm the outsider looking in. So they would do things together that excluded me like get the faggy Starbucks, go get drinks after work, and so on. I've forced my way in. I've even gone so far as to give AwwHellNo a note during class saying "Uh huh. And where's MY damn Starbucks?" Slowly, I've come into that circle but its too late. Looks like the circle is breaking up. Anyway, I see D-Money coming down the hallway carrying a Starbucks tray. And of course, since the last time my line worked so well on AwwHellNo (she busted out laughing in class), I figured I'd used it again. "Yeah....yeah! Whe.....where, where MY Starbucks at? Why I aint got no Starbucks? Huh? HUH?"
"Here boy! NOW what you got to say?"
"Yeah, speechless aren't you?"
"Yeah, actually I am. Thanks D-Money. Feeling small right about now."
"Uh huh" **laughing and walking away**
KeyLo-Lo Outfit of the Day: Angrily tight pink pants and top.

Kids jonin' on my sweater...called me sweet because it was a v-neck. **sigh**

Thurs. 3/2

I go to the Bojangle's (local chicken joint chain in a predominantly Black county....go figure) to get me some breakfast. I order my food, and there is a brother behind me in line. I get my coffee straighted out (which tasted like bull piss) and before I finish, he says "hey man, your food ready." "thanks." I replied. "Just as long as you don't eat it and shit. My feelings would be straight up hurt. Its too EARLY in the mo'ning to be fightin' a mu fucka. I'd probably just be mad the rest of the day." He cracked up.

KeyLo-Lo Outfit of the Day: THIS will get your ass fired at most places, tight jean capris, stiletto boots, tight low-cut Bebe tee (with a tiny jean jacket for subtlety.)
Kids were jonin' on my pants....said they looked ashy. As if I were rolling in flour.


Blonde Ambition said...

Damn...what kind of dress code they have at that place anyways? And really...I bet you looked good in them pants, boo....muahh!


~KC~ said...

What a good idea! An easy way to blog weekly instead of daily! Loving it!

That Girl said...

Hey there, explained the picture on my post. Where is there still a Bojangles??

"with a tiny jean jacket for subtlety" hahaha! Nice try on the subtlety, huh?