Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Did you just fart?

Here at work there is a phenomena that I didn't know existed in typical office space. That is the Code of The Fart. I've always worked in office corporate office spaces where space is of high value. Peopled are cubicled for efficiency and managers are in offices with large glass windows. I don't know if these windows are for them to see what's going on on the office floor, or for you to walk by their enclosed space and stare at them like violent monkeys at the zoo. "Oh look, Little Johnny. Look at this one. Its call a Carl Mungro. Look how he picks his nose after he eats his lunch...."
Anyway, I'm digressing. Here at the school, office space has not become a high commodity yet. Offices are scattered throughout the school and most people (except teachers) have their own office. Now, what has ME buggin' out is the fact that these occupants feel it is ok to cut their ass in the office. I guess it IS ok, but damn! Don't somebody else gotta come in there and smell your festering ass? What type shit is that? And hey! Let's not be prejudice; that goes for the ladies as well. Seems like no one's office around here is safe. I'm considering writing a memo about the corporate Code of Fart. "If one has flatulence, he/she must remove themselves from the working office area and proceed to pollute either the restroom or an unoccupied storage space." It needs work, but I remember when I worked in a cube I tried to remove myself because the shit would linger, n'yamean? Man!

Key-LoLo Outfit of the Day: With pant suit. high heel boots, lime green Bebe Sport shirt, tight. The tits are screaming for help. "Give us free! Give us FREE!" Either no panties or invisible thongs. I need to go take another look :-)

Outfit of the Day (Yesterday): Lime green off the shoulder sweater, very snug white slacks.

You know, what REALLY fucks me up about the outfits she wears is that she has to have a pair of handcuffs on her person at all times. So fellas, imagine ever day seeing this PRWR (phat, 'round the way rascal) everyday in these outfits, AND a pair of handcuffs spanking the top of her onion-like ass everytime she walks. Someone hand me a napkin please.....

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Blonde Ambition said... there a dress code in that place? lmao