Saturday, February 26, 2005


Friday I went to see "Hitch" with the fam. I'm not a Will Smith in the least, but this film was watchable. Although predictable, Will Smith and Kevin James had a good comedic chemistry. What really did it for me was the presence of Eva Mendez. Chile please! That girl is FYNE! She can't act shit, but her physique did all the talking; and damnit I was listening!

Some little tidbits from my viewing pleasure:
When we arrived my hyper-son was in 4th gear with no signs of slowing down. While we were looking for somewhere to sit, a gentleman moved his coat so that there would be 3 seats next to each other. Because of the small fry, I sat next to the man. You know, as funny as that movie was, the guy sitting next didn't even laugh. Well, there was one part...there was a scene where Mendez was sitting in front of the tv crying. Now, instead of her crying over some typical romance movie like "Casablanca" or "Reds", she was crying over "Jerry MacGuire". I thought this was funny, but my neighbor found it hilarious. I even pulled him up and said "damn. That was the first time you laughed all movie!"
"But she's crying over Jerry MacGuire! Jerry MacGuire??" and began to laugh some more. At the end of the movie, the cast does a dance scene in like a Soul Train line. There was a part where Will Smith and Eva Mendez were dancing together with her fyne ass self. Evidently, I wasn't the only one who noticed because my neighbor nudged me hard. I said "Dude, I've been bugging thru the WHOLE movie."

Overall, it was a great date movie. The guys will laugh and the girls will go "awww!" Very predictable, but the writers put various changes in the comedic romance formula to keep it interesting. Casting Eva Mendez didn't hurt either. MMM mmm mmmm.


Blonde Ambition said...
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Blonde Ambition said...

Damn must be a female thing with "Jerry MacQuire".....when she says that "You had me at hello" line? The tears start flowing...but for me, the tears flow when....the sun comes up, the sun goes down, I see the Budweiser Clydesdales, children hug their moms, the list goes on and on. And please....let's not talk about when I was pregnant! McDonald's commercials....need I say more? lmao That's me the sentimental cry baby!

WebmasterMama said...

I liked the movie too. Well, and Will is hot and his clothes were FINE!!! They probably weren't urban enough for you, but, jeez - I was drooling. And yeah...Eva is hot. I couldn't help but quote the movie with the movie... "Stop. Just stop!". lol. That got a good laugh out of me.
And blonde...yeah... I'm pregnant. I cry constantly.

~KC~ said...

I dont think I could have cried at Jerry McGuire, I thought the love story part of it sucked. But thats just my opinion. The one movie that makes me cry no matter what is City of Angels. Havent seen Hitch, but will have to get me a date and check it out!!

That Girl said...

I cried at Jerry McGuire. Just because the single mom finally got a man. Struck too close to home! Haven't seen Hitch yet.