Monday, February 07, 2005

Street Cred

To those who don't know, street cred is street credibility. How much street do you know? Are you street or are you faking? HubbaBubba is getting street cred already. A white man, in a prodominantly black county is going to get street cred by default. First of all, he lives close to work. Ok, what dat mean? Well, we all work in a shady neighborhood. Therefore, he lives in a shady neighborhood. He lives on The Hill; this high-rise on the top of a hill overlooking Branch Ave. He is probably the only sane white person that lives in that building. Instant establishment of street cred. (appalause please). And having the kids in his classroom, he gets to learn all kinds of new slang.

goosing: to mutually stare down a person
swelling: pressed, seemingly desperate

Keep up the good work HubbaBubba! When you get that full street cred, your name will be changed accordingly.

Update: The boys and girls were seperated into gender sections today because of an almost fight Friday. Realize that these kids are about 2 to 3 grades behind in maturity level AND have behavioral issues. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward.


Blonde Ambition said...

hmmmmm...generally the fights are same sex aren;t they? How does seperating them into gender groups solve anything? lol

~KC~ said...

Arent all kids 2 to 3 years behind in maturity? Wait..that would be male 20 somethings...not kids. My mistake.

So do you teach?

Brother Kojak said...

I'm a Technology Coordinator....the Computer Man for this school and soon to be another school.

WebmasterMama said...

Can a white girl from an all-white city have street cred? Just curious... :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, with all that street cred he *does* need a new name. HubbaBubba doesn't exactly instill fear into the hearts of men. ;) - TJ (

Brother Kojak said...

You white chics are stuck on funny. LOL

New nickname to come....

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