Friday, February 04, 2005

"I was prepared!"

In a previous blog entry (A Little Known Fact), I wrote about having a big tee shirt on. There is a story that goes along with that. Like to hear it, here it go...

Me and Darkness were walking thru B-more's flea market. For you West Coasters thats the equivalent of a swap shop. I forgot what we were looking for, but I know that we always go to the flea market when there is something that we want to buy but don't feel like paying the real money for. And just like on The Block in B-more, there are barkers. An example is one we heard for someone selling dog food. Keep in mind that in B-more accent, "dog" is pronounced "duug"; like "Doug" with a hard u.
"Dog food and cat food! Dog food and cat food! I got the dog food, you need the cat food!
Dog food and cat food! Dog food and cat food! I got the cat food, you need the dog food!"

But the one that is engrained in the brain is the one about being prepared. I wish I would have known this lesson from years back. **rolling eyes**
There was a man-woman team selling big tee shirts. Now, all last summer and most of the year, these huge, arm-covering, long-enough-to-be-a-skirt tee shirts were the thing. If you wore any color besides white or black, you were considered soft. So, these 2 are selling big tee shirts. Good price too.
Man: Big tee shurts! Big tee shurts! 1 fo 10, 2 fo 15! Big tee shurts! Big tee shurts!
Woman: Get them big tee shirts right here! Wear 'em anytime! Last night I wore my big tee shirt, this mo'ning when I woke up, I was prepared!"

Huh?????! Wtf.....How the fu....? What the hell does a big tee shirt have to do with being prepared??? I was blown!

So, ever since then, whenever I'm ready for something, I always say "I got my big tee shirt on. I'm prepared!" And no, I do not and never intend to own or wear a big tee shirt.


~KC~ said...

Hmmmm... SO you really ARENT wearing a big tshirt? Im so confused... Perfect descriptions as usual! I love reading your posts because you take me there with you!

chaparritadeoro said...

Hey, I'm wearing a big t-shirt right now! I guess that means I'm prepared too! For what, I have no idea, but I'm prepared!

Brother Kojak said...

KC, its a figure of speech. Just like when someone says "got your thinking cap on?" Well, you aren't really going to pull out a hat (unless you stuck on looo-ser) and put it on.

~KC~ said...

God I hope you knew I was kidding...haha I dont have my big tshirt on or my thinking im very unprepared to think right now I guess..