Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Tues is my long day. I go to work (the next time I can remember, I'll talk about work), hang at my moms for a minute, then go work at the community project. What we are doing is producing an anti-smoking video for kids. Actually, the kids are doing all of the production, we adults are just guiding them and helping them stay focused. After that, I went to DC to the U St area to go to a Hip Hop Alliance meeting. This org. is trying to get DC hip hop on the map. Its very exciting to feel that energy come together. However, there was no meeting tonite because there were a few no-shows. So the 12 or so of us just kinda hung out.

Now, here it is 5 something in the goddam morning and I cant sleep. I guess I'm stressing this paper that is due today that I thought was due next Wed. **sigh**

grumble of the day: I have this shirt, I call it my guido shirt. (yes, thats a bit of a racist statement so to my readers of Italian descent, I hope you arent offended) It looks like a shirt Big Pussy (dont you just love saying that???) would wear. All white with a baby blue collar and baby blue stripes going down the chest. Pretty much the antithesis of what a typical dredded brotha like myself would wear. I love it.
Man....that shirt is ruined now! I have no idea how, but everytime I wash it, weird brown spots appear on it. They look like grease stains, but they wont come out. My last ditch..... the Korean Lady. Which Korean Lady I dont know, but she gonna HAVE TO run a dry cleaning spot of some sort.

Korean Lady...I'm putting my trust in you. You can say "FI-NINETY-FI" ($5.95) all you want, but please. Just fix my shit.

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