Saturday, November 20, 2004


Life is an ass-cramp when things arent going the way you want them too. Its one thing when "shit happens", its another when you doing the wrong thing and the consequences are the exactly how you thought they would be.

Its Sat., I'm chilling at the house, just waiting for the day to...evolve. I was supposed to be making a website with a friend, but I think her boyfriend has her tied up, literally. I'm supposed to be studying with my friend The Spanish (sorry, but its easier to nickname folks in improvised ebonics) , but her boyfriend had her tied up last night, literally.

So, now I'm just chilling going to watch a football game or 2 and work on the website myself.

I have a rant brewing in my head, but I'm waiting for it to fully simmer saute. I shall return.....

.......Damn. I lost the rant. One thing thats on my mind is the fear of being single again. Under different circumstances, it might be cool. But now 30+ , 1 kid, substantially underpaid, and semi-nomadic, I definitetly dont rise to the top as a great catch. No, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. You make your bed you have to sleep in it. I just have the worst feeling that my future dates are going to consist of convos like this:

"Oh! You back again, huh?"
"Yeah, you hooked me up last week. Just got paid too. You got change for a $50?"

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