Friday, November 19, 2004

Nite at the Love Cafe

Yes, I was among the bloggers who made it out to the Love Cafe last night. I missed a good portion of the festivities. When I got there there was a blogger reading one of his works and I just wanted to go to him and say "Brother, the womenz have got your balls in a jar. Stop being the girlfriend with the penis!" But the Mrs. was with me with a growling stomach so we parlayed down U St. We proceeded to the Cada Vez, a restaurant/lounge/bar/conference room that usually has decent food and entertainment. Well, the entertainment was implied. Let me explain....we walked into the spot, and me being familiar with the place I knew something was going on as the front counter covered the visibility of the restaurant. When we approached closer an amazon of a woman smiled at us "May I help you?"
"Wait a minute," I thought. A took a closer look. Hmmmmm......
"Whats going on here?" I asked.
"It's a...errr....'banquet' she smiled.
"oh ok. Thanks anyway."
We stepped back on the sidewalk and I looked at my wife. "Notice anything funny about the hostess?"
She suppressed a grin because she knew I was going to say something crazy. "What?"
And in my best Austin Powers voice, "That was a maaan baby!"
She laughed. "For real?"
"Yeah that was a man! His voice was lower than mine and shit!"
Then, out of the God-forsaken Blue, this brotha who I've never met in my life walking the opposite direction says "No it wasn't!"
"Yes it was!" I cried.
"Huh? For real? In there??" he asked pointing in the Cada Vez.
I said "Hell yeah! Go see for yourself and YOU tell ME that aint a dude."
He shrugged his shoulders and walked off.
My wife and I strolled down the block and FINALLY picked a restaurant. It was an odd experience for me because my buddy and I would rely heavily on getting a table at the Cafe Nema back in the day. Now, U St. has Starbucks, Subway, and other commercialized favorites. **sigh**

On the way back we approached the Cada Vez. Fortunately for us, the festivities were just ending and all of the "gals" were exiting the spot. I'd say that at least half of them were 5'10 or so. AND wearing heels gracefully. I was impressed. "I don't give a damn what she said! I'm a big girl now and I can handle anything that flow!" I heard one of them say.
Big girl indeed!

We continued to walk and as we passed the doors, one of the spot's workers said (as if we asked him) "Not every night...some nights, but not every night."

For the next 2 blocks, I couldn't get that Crystal Waters song out of my head:

she's just like you and me
but she's homeless
she's homeless
as she sits there, begging for money
dada de, dada da
dada de, dada da
dada de, dada da
dada de, dada da

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