Monday, September 13, 2004

My 1st posting!!

Hey hey hey wassup, Blog people. This my 1st entry on here so bear w/ me. THis is going to be difficult for me because I lead kind of an incognito life. But the PG-13 stuff I will share with you.

1st, a little about me. Student at a school in Baltimore, MD but grew up in Northern VA (I should have never left). Early 30's, Black, smarter than average, and am best described as neo-eclectic. Marital status? Please. Let's not even go there.

Ok, this was the first Sunday of NFL football. I GET SICED!! I was so siced I saw...let's see...yeah! ZERO damn games! Thats right. None. My dad treated me like Toby from "Roots" early that morning and when I got back I had a meeting with some co-contractors. ( I freelance, erego the poverty state) Then, I wanted to see this band play in Mt Vernon called Audio Fix. A little jazz fusion with a heavy dose of hip hop. No rapping, byt they had a dj. It would have been a tight combo if they had a sax player. They told me to get my chops together so that I could join them one day. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. But we shall see. What was funny was that there were only a few 30 and 20-somethings in there, but the vast majority were baby-boomers tapping their feet. Hmmm!

I'm at school now, trying to avoid studying. **sigh** BUt I'll get on it. In a minute......

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