Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The NFL in Review: The Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are probably one of the more disappointing teams in the NFL. There were lots of high hopes; a seasoned veteran QB, the aquisition of probably the best reciever in football. But like the Roots, Things Fall Apart. Kerry Collins suddenly became cross-eyed and the team's defense is old and damn near crippled. I mean, he lost his job to a 3rd year QB who has lost the starting job at least twice.
So what is The Don Davis going to do? Head Coach Norv Turner is as good as gone; let's just pray that he's not sent to sleep with the fishes.

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derek said...

Or worse...they could send him to Nebraska.

The Raiders just underachieved...the whole AFC West did (save Denver).

Brother Kojak said...

I think you are right on point. But where they really screwed up was their accessment of their defensive backfield. Whoa. What a fiasco. Every year they assume that the once very formidable now hobbled Charles Woodson can hold down the defensive backfield. Once again, he proved them wrong.

derek said...

Why do they need a defensive secondary? None of the other teams in their division pass...
(enter sarcastic pause here.)

KC or SD should have made the playoffs.

Why don't I see women wearing Browns shirts like that?

Brother Kojak said...

Oh your sarcasm is REALLY not appreciated Derek! But you still my manz and dem.

You don't see any Browns fans wearing shirts like that because most of the Browns fans are busted. **Am I being biased?? Oh mos def !!**

derek said...

Sad thing is...I can't even argue with you on that one. Not all women in Cleveland look like Mimi from Drew Carey (hey, I like extra stuffing but not extra makeup) but too many do for my comfort.

From my experience, MD does seem to have better women :-). ( look at Reese The Law Girl ).

But, the Browns will find out first hand if the Raiders have improved because they will be going to the Black Hole again in 2006.