Wednesday, October 08, 2003

here I'm is!

man....its been a minute. what did you miss? Not much. I went to TX to see some drag racing et al.....hehehehe. It was a good trip I got to check out Austin as well. Strange town. I think folks thought I was Ricky Williams because I got a bunch of 2nd and 3rd looks. OOOOH!! The "I dont play pro ball update"Sept 20: Im jogging during my sons soccer game. I run around a building and this man and his son are walking. He goes "Uh oh! Watch out son. he may tackle you." and laughed. I didnt.Sept 27: Im running late for work, but I have to drop some books off at the library. I go thru the one way entrance of a library and skid into a parking space. there is this dude standing there smoking a cigarette. I ask him "You aint see me make that illegal turn did you?"him: Naw I aint see nuthin.him: (After I droped the books into the book dropoff) For a second there I thought you were Ricky Williams jumping out of that truck like that.....Oct 3: I go down to ask the consiere (sp?) where certain stuff is. While talking to him one of the bellhops comes in and saying, joking "Awww, man! I didnt know Ricky Williams was staying with us!"Who is this Ricky Williams man?

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