Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Why people keep staring at me??? No, Im not paranoid, its for real. Check me out....Im in the Thai restaurant, chillin with the fellas about to eat me some Drunken Noodle, when these 2 sistas walk in. The one in front was staring at me like I stole something!! Ladies, when you look at a man whos attractive, you dont give him the "That looks like the nigga that stole Pookies car!!" look. You give him the "Damn!! He need to give me a couple babies...shit!!" look. Am I right?So that was odd, but the same shit happened this morning on the way to the deli. Im walking down the street, this woman (whom I thought was Persian) was in the car kept looking at me. SO much so that while she backed up, she first gauged how far she was from the car, backed up but still staring at me!! I was like damn!Coincidentally (sp?), she comes into the deli as well. Looking at a brotha AGAIN!! This time I smile at her, but she turns her head real quick like.Bizarre, man. Bizarre. I think I need to go back to wearing a shirt and tie to work again.....maybe then people will stop trying to put me on the Ravens or Americas Most Wanted. We Black men are a little more diverse than that.

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