Saturday, April 26, 2003

The REAL 1st Entry

Ok, here goes...I dont know who's going to read this shit....probably not me even.I have plenty to run my mouth about, but the only topic that 99.99% of the population likes to talk about is sexual, let's go with that.Yesterday was Friday; BEAUTIFUL day in DC. The brotha was looking good!! Had my guayabera/bowling shirt on with the matching mules, feeling good too. I consider myself a good looking guy, although some wouldn't give me my props (you know who you are Cool5!), and very confident/arrogant as well. Ever have someone who you have a crush on but can never get the balls to say something to them? There is a woman in the building I work at who I consider FIIIIIINNE. I have what you would call a lustful crush on her, not a real one because I am loved and I'll leave it at that. Now, I only see homegirl once...maybe every 2 weeks, and I can talk to anyone about anything....except her. I see her and I'm just like 'Uh...hi?' The very first time I met her and talked to her I stepped to her strong; found out her name, occupation, age, college, and her favorite dish her mama cooks on Thanksgiving. Its the weirdest thing....saw homegirl in the garage, and I was so disheveled that I couldn't even indicate to my cousin that that's 'her'.What a fag. Well, thats my weblog for all I'm doing is my best John Henry impersonation. For those who dont know....go read the dayum book!!

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