Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TTTT: Naked And Assed Out

We'll get to the TTTT in a bit but I have to vent 1st. If you buy a brand new car, still got 30 day tags on it, why in the FUCK would you already put decals and stickers on it? I don't know if I've mentioned this kat before (JimiBuffet), but it was his car. I could read the stickers, but I'm sure one of them was or had something to do with stupid ass Margaritaville. Damn he's banged up.

Due to a change of plans I decided to call the Ian(P) against the advice of r and have a meeting with her this evening. I made a couple phone calls and got the low-low on her and I'm good to go. She's a Hall & Oates "Maneater". What out, boy...she'll chew you up!

Um....why does my co-worker like to rub and pull on his lips when he's reading something? He already look like one of the damn Simpsons, don't make matters worse! Hehhe...when he first started, one of my other co-workers used to call him Barney. That shit was funny until I guess released that that hurt his feelings so he stopped calling him that. Funny, but banged up.

And speaking of banged up, let's talk about me. I get up this morning to take a piss. 5:35 AM. I go to the bathroom which is literally 3 feet from the bedroom door. I piss. I come out and my dad greets me. 5:35 AM. "Morning."
Besides being 5:35 AM, what was unusual about this morning greeting? I was bare ass naked. Yes. Naked. Why? Well it was hot last night so it was one of those RARE occassions I rocked a b-day suit. So I'm coming out of the shitter, I peak out, and as soon as I take that 1st step, POP! There he is. Perfect. Fucking perfect.

So...share my pain. What was YOUR most embarrassing moment of nakedness?



r. said...

so the dance company I was in is having a show and TV Channel 8 or somebody is there to tape the show, right? So I'm off somewhere warming up and shit and when I get back to my rack of costume changes, (where in between each number I get naked and change my clothes), I see a giant table with a sound board and a million wires running out of it all over the back stage to cameras and shit. I'm like - WTF... the guy says - OH this is where we run the equipment from. I said... OH - this is where I do 13 costume changes, buck ass naked. We both said OH... I believe the crew got more of a show than they were ready for.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... I don't think I have any full out naked stories to tell but I do have a semi-naked one. :D

When I was younger, like 19, I went swimming at night, like midnight, in a hotel pool with some friends. :D YES, we broke in. LOL Anyway, a bunch of military guys getting ready to ship out where staying at the hotel and came out to swim too. I didn't have a swimmer so I just wore my panties and a tank (pastel pink) in the pool... MISTAKE!!! When I stood up, someone yelled silver dollars and about 20 military guys jumped in and started swimming for ME! LOL

Ttthhhhaaattt's All Folks!