Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sistas

What a weekend! Drama all over the place that will not be revealed until a time when the waters have calmed down. But what I can blog about is the fashion show Cannonball and I went to. "Fashion show?!?! YOU of all people Brother Kojak?? I'm shocked!" Please monkeys, make no mistake this was no typical fashion show and my presence was definitely an anomonally. You see, Cannonball and I went to the fashion to egg on and harass one of his clients who is a QITter (Queer In Training). He's a 6'2, dense mama's boy and the "rasping" was just.....unavoidable. I mean, this big ass boy walking around timid like a bald-headed cat; come on! Cannonball egged me to go, but shit, that wasn't hard to do. So we went out and Cannonball's 1st words were "Aww man...what's DIS shit? They ain't got no stage...mmm" For some reason I wasn't bothered. Inside I knew that the festivities were about to begin. The layout was one big room with lights taped to the floor, a couple of tables with snacks on them, and a curtain that separated the models from the audience. And SOME of you know how WE do as a people...the show was supposed to start at 6:00 and didn't start until 6:30ish. So then the show starts, and the emcee announces that they have a local artist to sing. And out thru the curtain pops this Amazon warrior meets Jill Scott meets Monique. Whoa. Afro puff hairdo and red opened back dress (THAT....was not good).I mean, she sounded good, but all that red walking up and down the aisle was crazy distracting. I mean, she had on a girdle and it STILL ain't help. Mmmmm mmm mmm.
So the models come out. The 3rd model that came out, I almost stood up and said "damn!" But I maintained. Cannonball and I both asked the woman who convinced to go how old short was. "15 and y'all better calm y'all asses down!" Oh well.
After the 1st set, there was another singer who came out and did his thing. He was pretty good. I think he was on the down-low, but whateva honey. Keep that shit on your side of the fence. Nil Scott came out again but this time with a much more sedate outfit; definitely more Jill Scott than Monique. Oh I forgot...there was this one model who came, and I had to start fanning myself like an old lady in church. MMM! 5'8ish, dark honey complexion, shoulder length hair, ample bosom, and legs that went on for days. There was this one sequence where she stopped and posed for about 4 minutes right in front of us and I was stuck on stupid looks. I tried not to stare but, know.
Right before the last set this other local artist came out named CR. He was pretty good. I think he was on the down-low, but that's just a suspicion. Plus he's a male singer, so who cares anyway?
So they end the second to last set (the aforementioned one above) and this guy comes out and says "I'm sorry y'all, but we cannot continue until some of you move your cars. We are not supposed to be on the grass..blah blah blah". Apparently they had oversold the event and people were parking all over the place. Cannonball looked at me and said "Let's roll. 'Specially since there's only 10 mins left." Bitter that I didn't get a chance to cross paths with AmpleBosom, I got up and left with my boy. Damn I'm greedy. But everyday yet dolled up sistas doing their thing on the "runway"? Niiiiiiiiiice!
We drove on over the motorcycle spot; for those of you who don't know (most of you I presume) in the Wabash Shopping Center is the parking lot of Wendy's. Every Sunday a bunch of kats get in their motorcycle garb and meet up there. I was surprised that the egos were on low. Maybe because it was early in the season. Then all of the sudden, you hear these grunty, burping engine noises. "Awww damn. Here come the assholes." and it was a fleet of dirt bikes with riders doing wheelies up and down a busy Northern Parkway. Slowly but surely, the real cyclist left leaving the dirt bikers to doing their wheelies and tricks for hot assed teenaged girls.

But back the title of this entry. The Sistas. The beautiful shades of cocoa, the full (which is subjective) lips, the high cheekbones, and the booties that can be compared to no other booties on the Earth. Sistas, thank you for being you. And thank God I live in an area where 6 months out of the year I can capitalize on seeing as much as your beauty in shorts and tanks as much as possible.

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