Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ever wonder how people perceive you? I found out a couple days ago that someone who is an industry heavy-hitter told a colleague that he found me impressive. Me. Shit-talking, joke-making, Brother Kojak. Its amazing what some people see in you, and just as amazing as what some others DON'T see.

Do you know what blocking is? That's short for "cock-blocking". That term is no longer PC and blacks don't say "cock" so it got shortened to just blockin'. There is this kat at work, let's refer to him as ChiefBlocker...dude is ALWAYS blockin'! He blocks on all the young women too, but particularly the one I referred to as Blondie some time ago. I don't know what's changed from then til now, but dude has changed. Like the last time I went over there, I barely got in the door before he jumped up with the handshake "how you doing, BK? Everything alright?" Everything be alright if you let me talk to the person I intended to talk to and peace out my face. Shit!
Today was no different. My boy/co-worker DoubleR went there today to fix Blondie's computer, and before he could sit down at the desk "Hey! What's up? What you doing?"
"I'm..uh....fixing this computer."
"Oh, oh. Ok. That's cool."

Then he's working on the computer and she mentions that her computer at home is all banged up for some reason or another. ChiefBlocker says "Yeah. What you need is a man to come over there and fix that for you." Ok, note the strategy behind the block. Here DoubleR is, a computer pro while ChiefBlocker is not. Yet he still says "You need a man to come over and fix that..." Insinuating "Hmph! This mutha ain't no man. He might be able to fix a computer, but he still ain't no real man. I might be able to fix your computer AND I'm a real man." DoubleR was not or never will be trying to get at Blondie, and yet; the block. Its a damn shame. That's his steelo, block until blocked. Now I'm curious about what's going on between those two. According to my sources, absolutely nothing. I think the Chief needs a nice warm hug from another man while he's told "It's ok, brother! I'm on your team! We can do this together. You ain'ts got to block, man!"

Unfortunately, I've been blocked by him too many times. Its on now! Not because I want to get at Blondie, just on GP. I can't go out like that; doesn't he know I got a Phd??(playa hata degree)

And I ain't making any trips anywhere! My ass is broke!


Rachael said...

Phd? I thought you had so much pimp juice you were selling it!

Brother Kojak said...

I do. I don't use my own products, I just distribute them.

Rachael said...

That was so packed with double entendre I'm not even going to touch it.