Sunday, February 05, 2006

Casino Rueda Salsa Superbowl Sensational Extravaganza (?!?!?)

That's right! It was actually real! The Casino Rueda Salsa Superbowl Sensational Extravaganza (CRSSSE) hosted by WebmasterMama and the BigO was on and The Offspring and me attended. For some reason or another, he was excited and his excitement deflated as soon as he arrived. Why? Don't know, and don't care. This was MY party to attend, I was just draggin' his monkey ass along. I have no idea why children think its our job to entertain them, but that's another blog topic.
First let me start with the neighborhood and house. I have nothing against the burbs, but it was obvious that this neighborhood was designed in a big-city waterfront office by teenie little guys in cat-shaped eyeglasses who drink Starbucks and give "This Side Up" gift certificates for Christmas. The houses were nice, they all looked different but not so different that they weren't considered a neighborhood. I guess they hit the urban neighborhood in the burbs theme so well that it looked artificial. Very "Desperate Housewives"-ish. Our hosts' house on the inside was great however. Large alcove, cathedral ceilings and a kitchen big enough to do the nasty in. A FEW times and a FEW different ways.
The evening began as we were among the earlier arrivers. Mama sent us down to the basement to play some pool while the Offspring was relegated to the kids room. Downstairs was a beautiful pool table with red felt. There were plenty of us down there to play pool, so we played on teams. My partner, Scarface, decided to partner with me to be iconoclastic because we were the only non-latino team. We also were the crappiest team too as neither one of us has much pool hall skills. It showed in the 1st 2 games as Scarface and I got housed. The 1st game we got 2 balls in the pockets, the 2nd game, 1. However, we represented and came back with the strength. We both had these odd cues that would illuminate when you tapped them on the floor. The illuminated part looked like lightening. That....coined my nickname for the night; La Tormenta. I announced it during the second game and the name stuck as I heard people in the background say "AH! La Tormenta! It's true!"
Food? Man! Plenty of food. You know how if you have a potluck and you ask people to bring something they either collectively bring nothing or everything. This party was the latter. 2 of everything.
Oh, the dancing. Yes. There was dancing as advertised. A little advanced for my skillset, but I danced a couple times. Actually, it was a lot advanced as most of the dancing was the multiple couple dance rueda. I can barely dance with one parner let alone switch to another in Spanish . I lucked out though; there was a dance instructor who was invited to the party and showed me how to do this niiice combo spin move. HOWEVER, when I wanted to practice this move later, my demonstrative partner says this (and I quote): "you don't know the moves good enough do it with the music". Ouch.

Highlights of the evening:
1.) incidental babysitting. It seems the hosts' littlest one loved me; particularly the dreds. The other little one thought I had funny faces and referred to the Offspring as "That Boy".
2.) meeting Dulcita. In my opinion, the eye-candy of the party (next to the hostess, of course) who had the oddest name. "Is that your real name?"
Funny how she sat and watched "Lion King 1.5" with the Offspring while the odd name was all the convo I got outta her. SOMEBODY got pimp Juice early!
3.) Steeler Country. There were 2 teams that the hosts viewed as their own; the Lions and the Steelers. Needless to say, there was Steeler shit everywhere. Both WebmasterMama and BigO had the gear on AND had it for their kids. That was the toughest part of the night for a Purple and Blacker like myself. Drinks were flowing EARLY for the Big BK....UGH.

Oh, BTW....NFL In Review: The Fucken Pittsburgh Steelers. Super Bowl Champions.


WebmasterMama said...

So glad you came AND had a good time...... your review totally cracked me up!!!!

Reese The Law Girl said...

How come I always "ain't shit?" That ain't right! The gifted are never appreciated! ;p~~~

Anyways, sounds like you had fun. I wasn't a fan of either team, but I do have to admit the Steelers got some "good" calls. Makes you wonder if the illumanati really was in attendance in Detroit. ;)

Brother Kojak said...

Mama: It was the best Super Bowl party I ever been to. The previous contender was a strip club.....yours was a lot less inexpensive.

Reese: Sorry ma. You ain't shit because you rarely side with the BK. I WILL agree however that there were sounds stranges things going on the Silver Dome.

WebmasterMama said...

Dude... its Ford Field, not the Silverdome! Silverdome... HA!

Brother Kojak said...

Ooops! My fault

derek said...

Oh, you think it's bad BK as a Ravens (eech!) fan...

...try watching it as a Browns AND Cardinals fan.

All I will hear for the next year is...

"THE NFC WEST IS SOFT!"'s going to be a long year.

Shawn Alexander is NOT going to get paid though...Seattle is intent on shooting themselves in the foot.

Brother Kojak said...

There are going to be a few backs out there so the 'Hawks are probably going to roll the dice on another back.

derek said...

They deserve snake eyes...

I think Alexander's going to have another career year.