Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Absentee

Man, if it weren't for Tell The Truth Tuesdays, I wouldn't be blogging at all. I have a lot of things going on like school and some very odd personal issues I'm dealing with. Nothing major, but I've decided some of those are too personal to blog about at this time. I had some really cool things on tap for this blog, but it seems that some of my fellow bloggers are going thru the same Bloggers Block that I am. I've read some of my old shit to see where I fell off, but it seems like I've run out of things to blog about. So now I'm telling topics from other bloggers and the radio. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Here's something I came up with all by myself. Single do you do it? How do you paint on that smile for a date that you know is probably just an excuse to get out of the house. How do you not break down and accept a suitor who is without question sub-par just to not deal with the bullshit of dating? Here's one for the fellas: Fellas, how/why in the hamsammich hell do you sit there and give a chic money and items JUST BECAUSE???? What type shit is that? Why?? And I know some of you do it sans booty. Amazing!

Kids sports today, how pathetic. We have kids who can't run around a damn track but will wreck yo ass in Playstation. I've made the decision to coach baseball, but NOT theOffSpring's team. I'm old school and I refuse to coach my son's team because I take it seriously and I know he's only doing it for fun. Football is his sport. He (not me) decided that he needs to step up and do more if he wants to play a featured position. In baseball, he could care less and I'm fine with that. We as parents do need to push our kids off of the couch, but also need to let kids participate in sports on a level of optimal comfort and performance. A level where they can push themselves and enjoy their OWN development.

I'm done. Thanks.


Blonde Ambition said...

I personally have a friend who met someone online.....fell in love.....has decided to get married to her.....sends money I am fairly sure....flys 500 miles every couple of weeks to see her...has a daughter to support.....and all sans booty.....imagine!

As for the sports....good idea NOT coaching your son's team. My husband refuses to coach a kid's team in any shape or form.....parents are CRAZY! Good luck with that Kojak lol

Anonymous said...

Since BA spoke to two topics, I'll speak to the third.

I don't attach myself emotionally to a guy who is a loser and I won't sleep with someone just for sex anymore. If I do, that's on MY terms, not his.

Don't care about guys giving without receiving. If they want to, great! My bf writes me poems and takes me out for pizza... good enough for me :)

Sports, well, I hope it goes better than the scouts! LMAO!!

UV-Ultra Violet

(how do you like the new name?)

Brother Kojak said...


Man, stop biting! take other people's stuff! And you damn well you can do a sweep kick. Not even on a broom.

No...I ain't feelin' it, luv. Do better.