Monday, November 14, 2005


409 Charles St. The An die Musik. That's the spot to go to for some jazz or small ensemble classical. Nice ambiance. Kinda Philadelphia-ish if you ask me. I decided to go there last Sat. to get me a little taste. I sat there, and the musicians made their entrances. There was a violinist, a trumpet player, a upright bassist, and a drummer. I was think "THIS...should be tight." The introduced themselves; the drummer placed the sticks over the snare, the trumpeter puckered his lips to the mouthpiece, the voilinist set the violin to his chin, the bass player took a deep breath and then......



The bass player was doing his own shit, so was the the trumpeter, so was the violinist, and so was the drummer. I know a little about music and it seemed like the voilinist and trumpeter were trying to mock and or follow each. That's all well and good but the bass player and drummer were doing their own thing. Given all that, it was still entertaining. Not the music, but the reactions of the audience. There was this woman sitting in front of me; during the entire performance she was a nervous wreck. That was mostly due to the drummer's crazy and continous solos that included very loud rimshots and cymbol shots. It was great! She looked like a crack addict; everytime the drummer would hit a hard rimshot she would jump and she had this nervous twitch with her hand and ear. Oh MAN it was funny! When the band stood up, I think she left the room before they did.

Ok. I'm late on the draw with blogging. It'll only get worse for the next couple weeks. Finals are in 2 weeks. The dreamjobs I applied for....0 for 2. **sigh** Its all to the Good though. I have more option in the same industry.

Let me see, what else...I'm very content right now. For a variety of reasons. Life is good. I guess to give an example without going into too much detail is how 2 men told me in same day that I was a good man and appreciated. That felt good.

Happy Gobble Gobble!


r. said...

maybe they were doing Night in Tunisia... you gotsta be a hip kat to know what's up wit dat Jazz, man.... i just saw herbie hancock, stanley jordan, terrance blanchard, terri lynn carrington, and a few others rip that sucka' - it was smokin'!

Brother Kojak said...

Shiiiiit! It was more like an evening of Dopamine. They were just stuck on some different shit.

And the kats you mentioned, they all perform rhythmically; the dudes I saw had rhythm, but they didnt care to share it with the rest of us.

r. said...

nah man - there are some crazy fusion tunes that are just that... straight up psycho - everybody doing their own thang... as a matter of fact... there was this time that miles and trane were jamming in baltimore - i think it was like '67 or something - anyway - the audience totally didn't get it and just got up and left... I bet those people are kicking themselves now... heh

Brother Kojak said...

I SERIOUSLY doubt it was anything like what I heard, r. If I'm not mistaken, Coltrane and Miles did a lot of what were referred to as "cookin' sessions." It was improv, but there was true genius to it. This thing was true....uh, musician experience?