Sunday, November 27, 2005

Don't Call US Dogs!

"Men are dogs!"
"Men ain't shit!"
"Men ain't good shit except one thing, and sometimes they ain't no good at that!"
"Pass the Haagen-Daz!"

These are sentences that we all have used or have heard from women. And hey, that's ok because some of us ain't about shit. However, I want to put it all into perspective as to why women keep getting beat in the head (figurately) by us menz.

Today I got off my fat ass and started running regiment. Afterwards, the Offspring and I went to the super market to get some bananas and pb&j. As I was walking in, I caught an exiting woman checking out my "package". I didn't catch her until late because when I made eye contact she was almost past me.
Now before I get blasted with comments from the Peanuthead Gallery (and you KNOW who you are!), Let me tell you how I was dressed.
grey Columbia Fleece pullover
red Under Armour mock underneath
black running tights
black shorts over tights
black running shoes

Now...not the most provocative attire, is it? I mean, I've been told women look all the time, but maybe its the power of the dizzat that gets you guys irritated and mad at us men. Yes? No? Somewhere there in the middle?


Blonde Ambition said...

The dizzat only has as much power as you give it lol

And really any man who I see wearing tights....sure I would probably try to catch a peep ;)

Brother Kojak said...

Uh huh. Point proven.

Cham said...

Sure, I'd want to take a good look at Peter Pan if I saw him too.

Reese The Law Girl said...

Okay, but if a dude is wearing tights, you have to look. Just like if a chick had on a seriously low-cut blouse, guys are gonna look.

prosine said...

Bring it home girls!!

Hell yeeaahhh we're gonna check out the package... we're not fuckin' dead kojak!


Brother Kojak said...

Oh boy. I've just opened a can of "Look At Dat Ass"....

derek said...

I can't lie...I have been known to look at a low cut or some tight apparel.