Friday, January 05, 2007

Life After Death

The hook from "Royalty" by Gangstarr
Wherever I go
I want to take nothin less than the best
Whatever I choose, I choose to do
I have to stand out from all the rest
Whatever I do, wherever I go
I want to take nothin less than the best
Whatever I choose, I choose to do
I just wanna stand out from all the rest

Right after me posting about the death of hip hop as we know it, I have to tell you an experience to bring the soul of it as it lives in me, to you.

Ever heard the old 80's song "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"? Last night, a dj did save my life, with hip hop. How ironic the dj was me as I'm dealing with the burial of the previous, tumultuous year and the birth of the next one.

For me, this is the year to end the confusion, the unrest. To once again wake up saying "Whoever ain't ready for me better get the fuck outta the way; this is my time."

Right after the passing of the old year, I felt myself in the same psychological abyss that has impeded me from being me and growing me.

But last night, **laugh** that weak shit went out the window. It was ME who saved my own life (so to speak) before it was too late with one of my support systems from days past.

Hip Hop.


the dj

the emcee

playing music that was there for me and to a degree by me revealing itself thru every riff

repeat and drop by DJ Priemere

the steady flow of Biggie Smalls

a vicious series of cuts followed by shout outs from DJ Green Lantern.

Its enough to blow your mind, man. For real....

Why? Because! Man, you have to look at it from a symbolic sense. KRS-One dropped the knowledge a few days ago confirming the death of hip hop as we knew it. Why? Because of the death of the godfather of hip hop, James Brown (peaceful journey). The art of sampling started with him. The beats started with him. The koolness started with him. Goddamnit, the bling started with him! Man! Ain't that some shit??? One man spurnned an entire culture! AND...when did he die? On Christmas night!!!!! Let me repeat that.......on Christmas night. The symbolism in that is just too deep to be a concidence y'all. Shall I break it down?


Jesus (the Savior of Christians) was "born" on December 25. Now we all know this is a lie. We know that this was the day chosen by European Christians to commemorate the birth of Christ because this time of year is bleak and depressing. Ancient documentation shows that Christ was actually born around mid-October. What I'm basically getting at is that we really don't know when Christ was born; nor do we know when hip hop was born. Ya feel me?

Stay with me here. Don't jump to conclusions just yet.....

Alright....James Brown, the godfather of hip hop died on Christmas.; his death on a day that symbolizes the birth of a Savior. And on that day, December 25, 2006, so died hip hop as we know it. The catch is, that means that The Death invokes a rebirth. A rebirth of a culture in transition.

Now to clarify, I'm not putting the hip hop culture on the same plane as Christianity. But from a philisophical comparison, they are both movements. Christianity started as the religion of slaves and peasants. Hip hop was donned as "Jungle Bunny Nigger Music" by the Klan. But both have risen to new (and sometime dangerous) plateaus. After Christ rose from the dead, the miraculous story was passed on by "witnesses" and so grew the embracing by both the emperor and the slave. Hip hop has grown from that stigma to the music that can be played and enjoyed by all on many different levels (just like Christianity has the different types of denominations).
But the question is what will happen in the rebirth? Will there be a Mile Davis to bring "The Rebirth of Cool"? Will hip hop die at its own hands like ragtime died when Scott Joplin passed away (peaceful journey)? Is it going to be a resurrection of something deep and beautiful or is it going to be the birth of a huge money making minstral show?

as long as I am blessed with breath

will bear witness to the rebirth 'cause it was me who was the crowd moved by Erik B and Rakim

it was me who gerry-rigged the component set to listen to Mack James on AM 630

it was me who "walked on ice, but never fell, I spend my time in a plush hotel..."

it was me who watched helplessly as one Crew destroyed spokesman of the other all for the sake of which coast had more juice

it has been me

it will always be me

just as it is you

and you
and you...
and you...
and you.....

Song List That Brought it All Together
Royalty by Gangstarr
Everyday Struggle by Biggie Smalls
My Life by Kool G Rap
Bring It Own by Jay Z (featuring Sauce Money)
Spottieottiopolis by Outkast
A Story to Tell by Biggie Smalls
Return by Self Scientic
Liberation by Outkast (featuring Eryka Badu and Cee-lo)


r. said...

Actually - the romans picked dec 25th because it is a big pagan holiday (and winter solstice) and they wanted to keep the tradition going to convert easier... and I believe the man called Jesus was born in July...but whateva'

Brother Kojak said...

Dually noted!! Although I would argue with you about Jesus's actual b-day. But like you said...."whateva"

Blonde Ambition said...

Interesting comparison of hip hop to Christianity *raises eyebrow* But you KNOW I have no problem with that! :)