Monday, October 24, 2005

Is It Monday Yet?

I hope to GOD y'all had a better weekend than I did. Let me take that weekend was good, but it definitely had its frustrating moments. My weekend was so “blogful” that I'm going to have to put them in topics and blog about them at some other time. Here we go:

  • White women. Talk to your fellow sisters. When you are in a crowded area and need to get by, the best gesture is to say “excuse me” or “pardon me”. Accepted Priviledge doesn't work on everyone.

  • White women. Talk to your fellow sisters. It is now Fall on the East Coast. The average temperature is 60 degrees. Let go of the flip flops. slide them off, put them in the back of the closet until next summer. Its just too cold for them shits. If you are wearing fuchia and cream, you pink toes don't match anyway.

  • Neighborhood gentrification is going to be one of the underlying root factors of the next American social upheaval.

  • Disappointing a friend has got to be one of the most painful emotional feelings next to death because that transmission of disappointment from one person to the other is as instantaneaous as a light switch.

  • women hate me once a month.

  • $600 can get you a“ 'Round the World” about 4 times over on the Block, but it can't even you a hand job from your wife.

  • My homophobia is diminishing. This weekend is the true test.

  • The topic of squirting has GOT to be the most bizarre way to begin a conversation.

  • I'm sexy as HELL! (Well, except for my MITTS, 40 year chic-like butt, tribal looking stretch marks, my black volley ball stomach...)

  • if you are a sexy sex symbol such as the Rock, never use the word “tummy”.

  • Women. Call us men what you want, but lipstick lesbians are a turn on.

  • Speaking of lesbianism, the good ol' 3some. That's one hard deal to sell, jack.

  • Speaking of 3somes, indecent proposals always throw me for a curve.

Ok, so y'all merinate on dat! I got a midterm and a presentation, but fret not. These topics will be covered.


DaB said...

I agree that The Rock, or any man who has an ounce of testosterone coursing through his veins, should never use words like "tummy" or "poot" or "lovey," but coming to The Rock's defense, I heard him give an interview on XM radio last week and he was dropping F-bombs left and right. I can't tally the number of cool points he scored with me because of that. It was almost enough to make me misty-eyed, but since I'm a tough guy that was out of the question.

chaparritadeoro said...

Awww shit! I can tell there will be some good ones coming. I better get comfy.

Brother Kojak said...



ok? Need I say more? You can drop mad F bombs anywhere on the planet, but if you follow that with a sentence with the word "tummy" in it, All the man points go out the window!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when grown ass men say potty... muther focker!