Thursday, October 20, 2005

Early Morning Convo with Offspring

I don't think I mentioned this, but I'm fasting for the Islamic holy month Ramadan. This means I can't eat or drink anything from sun up til sundown. What usually happens is that a Muslim will try and gorge him/herself at night until sunrise. I can't do that, so I've just been loosing all kinds of sleep. What I do is eat at sunset and then wake up about 4:30 and make me a PHAT breakfast. Wednesday morning the Offspring woke to join me for the feast. He seems to be fascinated by my childhood. I learned that my elementary school and his elementary school have the same mascot, the owl. Below is the craziest part of the convo.

Offspring: **laughing** You sounded like Toyman from that Superfriends video.

Me: You mean like your Uncle Toyman? (Glueman looked like the Superfriends cartoon character Toyman when he was trying on Under Armour)++

Offspring: **laughing** We watched that video the other day. It was weird watching that old cartoon with the commercials and stuff.

Me: Commercials? The video had commercials in it?

Offspring: No, but you told me about some of the commercials when you were a kid.

Me: Huh? Why did you just say....nevermind. Yeah, commercials were a lot different back then. They used to lie to us all the time. Like, GI Joe. Now, when you see a GI Joe commercial, the kids are playing with it and making all the sounds and what not. Back then, they would fake you out HARD, man! GI Joe would make all the cool sounds. Move without you touching him, talk. **In commercial voice** "GI Joe Super Duper ParaTrooper!! With real parachute!" Then you'd see all these GI Joe's falling out of the sky and all these kids in a backyard looking up saying "Look! GI Joe is falling from the sky! Yeaaaa!" It was messed up, man.

Offspring: What about that other commercial; with the cardinal?

Me: Oh the one where he was singing and flying like he was drunk? Man!

Offspring: **laughing and singing the song** Yeah. That one.

Me: Let me think if there are any y'all have Smokey the Bear?

Offspring: Yeah. He is on commercials, posters at schoool, all that stuff.

Me: Hmmm! Some things just don't change. What's he look like now?

Offspring: He's big and built like this **flexing muscles**. He carries around a shovel. One commercial he went to a camper's fire and poured water over the fire. The campers were like **making surprise face**

Me: **laughing** Man, when I was a kid, Smokey the Bear was a straight punk. He would always be in the commercials saying "Please. Don't start forest fires." And then start crying.
Fire all over the place and he crying. Its a shame I tell you!

Offspring: **laughing** Don't just stand there crying, DO SOMETHING!

Me: Exactly!
**both laughing**

++ IN the Toyman link, Toyman is the one with the freaky black and gold costume.


chaparritadeoro said...

awww, you'll are bonding!

Brother Kojak said...

no, he just wanted eat my food up!

WebmasterMama said...

I don't remember The Bear crying in the commercials. Really? Did he? I gotta look that up.