Monday, August 22, 2005

Getting It Together

I apologize for my loack of blogging lately, but now that the Offspring is all beastly with the football thang, I have little time for much else. 2 Fridays ago there were some things I wanted to blog about. I think I mentioned we went to a theme park, but what I left out was the fact that I am in the infant stages of being a Dirty Old Man. We were standing in line for a ride and there was a young lady waiting to get on. Gorgeous. Bikini top. Poon-poon shorts. Niiice! Then it dawned on me "This is a water ride. If she gets splashed on.....woo hoo!" So, I stood in line waiting anxiously for her log to hit the splashline. I saw and heard her group go down the drop, but I didn't see her get out of the ride. Damn! And so it begins....

Cheez-Wiz pick-up Line of the Day (used by yours truly): Hi there. You know, you look a lot like my cousin, and SHE is gorgeous!

Sunday I singed the hair on my arm trying to be Emeril and shit. My mom asked me to get on the grill. Me being the patient person that I am (yeah right) I tossed in about 2 handfuls of Match Light and closed the lid. When I opened the lid back up, I instantly had blond hair on my arms. Genius.

I didn't share this with you all, but I interviewed for a promotion here at work. I got it. Yea me! Now I at least I have the option of making mac-da-roni and cheese with Kraft cheddar instead of the US Department of Agriculture giveway cheese.


neighbor girl said...

So she is gorgeous. . . you holdin out on me?

chaparritadeoro said...

Congrats on the promotion!

And about the cheese... go ahead and buy the fancy stuff for yourself and give me the DOA giveaway cheese. See dat way I can hook up the enchiladas, quesadillas, tostadas and taquitos!

Brother Kojak said...

Hey, hey, hey! NG, you ain't meeting my cousin man!

Chaparr..., don't forget about the gorditas and chimichangas! Hehehehe

chaparritadeoro said...

gordita? you sayin I'm fat?? And WTF is a chimichanga?