Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The _______'s

Oh man! So I didnt post about the 1st practice for our band. The _____'s. The 1st practice was good considering it was the first one and it was a straight jam session. A bass, a sax, and guitar. I was pleased though; very pleased. I got antsy about the self-proclaimed FunkyFemaleGuitarist guitar player joining us, but knowing how wishy washy musicians are, I wasn't holding my breath for her to show up.

But damnit, lo and behold if FunkyFemaleGuitarist did in fact show up. And like the DOC, it was funky enough. It seems like because of the make-up of the band we are going to be a jazz meets funk, funk meets jazz type quartet. Personally, I would love to add some hip hop into the mix. I have to work on my partners though; I seem to be the only true hip hop head.

So what's next on the plate? We've decided on 2 grooves, practice, practice, then open mic nite. Boom.


Reese The Law Girl said...

Oh, cool! I wanna see your band play. If you're doing any "gigs" come Thanksgiving or X-mas let me know. I'll be in Maryland then. :)

derek said...

is your name censored or something or is it The Underscores?

Brother Kojak said...

Reese, you will notified for sure.

Derek, That's perfect! I think you have just come up with the name for our band!

Blonde Ambition said...

Hey, pretty cool! :) I wish I could see ya play...thought I was gonna be in Baltimore in November but turns out I had a prior thing going on :(