Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TTTT: Let's Try That Again!

Alright damn it! We gonna do this shit again!



name the 5 celebrities/atheletes who you would love to party with and why
Double Go


Anonymous said...

Oh I have a BUNCH of these!! I'll go in chronological order:

1.) There was this chic in high school who was really not attractive...poofy blond hair and fat. I brought her over my house and couple times and after the 3rd time of no action, I fired her ass.
Gauge of ugliness: When I would bring her to the apt we lived in, the maintenance guys would snicker.

2.) A trip up north. Man, the things you would do when you are pissy drunk (literally). I don't know who was worse, me for doing it to her or her doing it to a man who was pissy drunk.
gauge of ugliness: see above

Anonymous said...

The first chick who gave me head. I went with her to her prom (different school) as a favor to one of my buddies who was trying to get with her friend (hot). Next thing you know, I'm drunk and she's dunkin'. I dated her for months before my dumb ass realized that hot chicks gave head too.